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As  one-man-band

Wu Rigen is a shepherd, an ancient vocation for many of China’s ethnic Mongolians. But the prairie that sustains his livestock, like many of the country’s grasslands, is suffering. Government restrictions, industrialization and overgrazing — along with climate change, which is causing desertification and more intense droughts — have taken a harsh toll on herders in the region...
This video was commissioned by WashingtonPost on the subject. I found the guy, filmed and edited it. His name is Bai Shaofeng, a 25-year-old hairdresser. It has been nine years since he came to Beijing, a city he loves but it's difficult to find a girlfriend here...
  1. Disneyland worker's left-behind child
    It’s about a Shanghai Disneyland migrant worker’s personal life and dreams
  2. Plus-sized models in China
    Qiqi and Miya are both overweighted since childhood. They were once among girls who couldn’t see beauty in themselves and could hardly find suitable clothes. Thanks to the booming of e-commerce in China, they found what they can put on, and even better, they become models.
  3. Parents blame fifteen-year-old after rape
    Fifteen-year-old Sisi was raped for the first time four years ago. Now she has two children and lives in a shelter in Beijing with her 9-month-old baby. We met with Sisi’s parents and her 3-year-old daughter in a small town deep in the mountains of Hunan province.
  4. Don't sell me
    It's about a Chinese migrant worker who had lung cancer and had to test new drugs for a hospital in Beijing to get free treatment.
  5. Paralympic athlete rides 200KM to reach desert lake
    Commissioned by a Canadian production house and aired in CNN. I shot this by myself and did rough cut.
  6. BBC Inside Out" Stephen Lee"
    It's about the British snooker player Stephen Lee, who came to China to teach young talents and make money after being suspended till 2024 for match fixing in UK. Commissioned by BBC. I did the Chinese part's shooting by myself and didn't do the editing for this one.

                      As  camearwoman  and  editor 

I did part of shooting of this video for RTS( The interivew part and the school part.)

It's about fake products in China and efforts against fake products. 
I did the shooting of this video for France 2.

It's about criticism against single women in China and their pressure from parents, society and work. Some decide to " fight back" and spoke to the world " stop laughing at us"...

I did part of the shooting( factory part) for France 2.

It's about the business after the era of plastic straws. 

Zhou Xiaoling sees her business booming as many foreign companies contacted her for paper straws after plastic straws were banned in their countries...

I​​​​​t’s related to Ha Erbin ice festival.

I filmed the part of preparations ahead of the festival as one-man-band video journalist for ​France 2. 

Check out the whole video at:

 It’s related to the economic sanctions to North Korea.

I filmed the part on the boat, on the side of North Korea, about illegal fish, coal, gold etc as video jounalist for ​France 2.  

Check out the whole video at:    ​
It's a piece of news that I worked as camerawoman and editor for Spanish basque TV. VO is basque. In the early winter 2017, a fire in the suburbs of Beijing killed 18 migrant workers. The government then started a campaign to ask some migrant workers to leave their homes under security concerns, sometimes on a very short notice. The woman in the video showed the announce she received on the 27 December around 11am which ask her to leave the building she lives in be 6pm of the same day...

It's about a Chinese farmer who creates his own 'bionic' arms from scratch.z​​​​
It's one of the stories that I produced, shot and edited as one-man-band video journalist in Reuters.
It was aired on BBC ( http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-22660393),Telegraph( http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/china/10079000/Chinese-farmer-creates-his-own-bionic-arms-from-scratch.html) ,and NBC http://www.nbcnews.com/video/nbcnews.com/51990420 - 51990420),etc.

Christmas Village in China.

It's one of the stories I made as one-man-band video journalist for Al Jazeera+

Check out the whole video at:


I only filmed and sent rough cut version. The final piece is edited by AJ+.
Bottled Air Hit In Smog-Filled China.

It's one of the stories I made as one-man-band video journalist for Al Jazeera+.  

I only filmed and sent rough cut version. The final piece is edited by AJ+.
D​​ancing Grannies

Revolutionary dances and old songs: they find their youth back when they perform every night in front of the audience...For Radio-Canada.
Images from the construction site of Beijing Daxing airport....

For Spanish basque TV.

Dakar Series China Rally

I was one of the editors of Dakar Series China Rally, which took place in the beautiful desert of Inner Mongolia.

This is one of the videos that I edited during Dakar Series China Rally. Didn't film it. 

Bike sharing is booming in China, in spite of pollution.. It's for  Radio-Canada. 

As producer or fixer

Award-winning documentary on left-behind children

I was the field producer of a three persons’ shooting crew (along with a cameraman and a soundwoman) for this one-hour documentary. I also worked as second-camera person. We filmed during ten days in an isolated village in Henan province about left-behind children, whose parents work in cities and visit them once a year. ​​​​​  http://www.newyorkfestivals.com/winners/2017/pieces-mobile.php?iid=511652&pid=1
  1. RTBF-investigative documentary on Ikea
    This documentary about Ikea was broadcast by RTBF. I was the fixer of the Belgian crew in China. We looked into several factories of former Ikea suppliers who left the world Number One furnishing company because of low pay. We talked with some unemployed logging workers who told us it's forbidden to cut down any trees in the region now...

VRT-Solar enery in China

​It's one of a series of stories that I helped Belgian TV VRT do as fixer​.
It's about solar enery, which is booming in China...

RTL-Abducted Chinese boys

It's one of a series of stories that I helped German TV RTL do as fixer. Boys abduction was rampant in 1990s in China becasue of the one-child policy and other factors. 
The story is about two famillies which both lost their sons. Years later, one of them found their boy.