Freelance video journalist and one-man-band videographer /video editor based in Beijing

  • I pitch stories and make short documentaries or part of long documentaries as one-man-band filmmaker. A documentary called "Ximei" that I was one of the cinematographers was chosen for a premiere at Human Rights International Film Festival. Another feature-length documentary about China's left-behind children for which I was local director/producer and the second camera person, won silver at New York Festival. 
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​I work as video journalist or camerawoman for international broadcasters, such as Washington Post, South China Morning Post, BBC, AP, France 24, Channel News Aisa, France 2, RTS, RTF, Spanish basque tv, AJ+, etc. ​
  • I'm crew leader and work as DP/editor for companies or institutions, such as HP, BMW,  AIIB, Tencent, Auchan, Renault, Greenpeace etc. I can cover events, make brand videos etc. 
  • I do production work for documentaries and foregin media's short-term coverage in China. 
  • I shoot with Sony FS7, Canon C300II, Sony A7III, Panasonic P2 270/298, a7s, a7r etc. I'm equipped with various kinds of mics and lights too.
  • I edit with final cut 10, as well as avid, premiere pro. I was one of editors for Dakar series, China Rally in Inner Mongolia.
  • I can do drone shooting with Mavic pro.
  • I graduated from l'Ecole Superieure de Journalisme, Lille(ESJ) in France and was majored in TV( 2011-2013). I speak and work in Chinese, French and English.

[email protected]


​   ​​​​​​​​​​​​

 Some of my video stories

Forced out by trees

Chinese 89-year-old nude model

Chinese father takes daughter’s ear picker job to pay for her cancer treatment

​​​​​​​​​​To combat the pollution and environmental degradation, Hebei aims to increase its total forest area by 35 percent by the end of 2020 and has deployed 60,000 workers to plant trees. But not everyone is happy...

Length: 03:43
My role: story,camera,editing.translating
To watch this video on Washington Post: ​
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​His family abandoned him, but this 89-year-old found a new lease of life as a nude model...

Length: 02:51
My role: story,camera,editing.translating
To watch this video on South China Morning Post: ​

The traditional practice of ear picking in China, using fine instruments to remove ear wax and “massage” the ear canal, dates back generations. It is especially popular in the city of Chengdu, where ear picking craftsmen offer their services to customers in tea houses and public parks. But one ear picking practitioner joined the trade much later in life. The retired teacher is doing it out of necessity to support his sick daughter...
Length: 04:03
My role: story,camera,editing.translating
To watch this video on South China Morning Post: ​

Left behind by China’s green dream​​​​​​​​​​​​​
I made this video on my own in the beautiful Erhai lake area in Yunnan province. I met with farmers who "suffer" from the cleaning campaign of Erhai lake. If someone should pay for the price of environment after the rapid economic development in China, who should it be?
Length: 05:51
My role: story,camera,editing.translating
To watch this video on Washington Post:
To watch the video on the website of Washington Post and read the article I wrote, please go to:
Length: 06:49

Difficult to find a girlfriend for some Chinese men
This video was commissioned by WashingtonPost on the subject. I found the guy, filmed and edited it. His name is Bai Shaofeng, a 25-year-old hairdresser. It has been nine years since he came to Beijing, a city he loves but it's difficult to find a girlfriendhere...

​To watch this video on Washington Post: ​
Length: 02:55​
​My role: Story, Camera, Editing and translating

      China's left-behind

I was the lcoal director/producer of a three persons’ shooting crew (along with a cameraman and a soundwoman) for this one-hour documentary. I also worked as second-camera person. We filmed during ten days in an isolated village in Henan province about left-behind children, whose parents work in cities and visit them once a year. It’s a commision from ​​​​​​Channel News Asia. I did reasearch, found and selected the characters, did recce, made shooting plans, organized the shooting, did all the interviews and still keep good relations with characters in the film. It got Silver World Medal at ​​​​​​​​New York Festival and got nominated for Best Documentary Series at the Asia TV Awards. Check out the whole video at:
 Length: 05'50
 My role: one-man-band camerawoman and rough cut

A Disneyland worker’s left-behind child 
Another Disneyland opened its door in Shanghai on the 16th June. Xie Jun, one of 30 thousands migrant workers who have worked for this Disneyland since 2014, met his two-year-old boy only for three times.He wishes that his little boy's life would be less harder than his...

Length: 03'16
My role: Story, Camera, interviewing, Translating, editing 
Subtitled in English

BBC Africa: Female Football Coach

I did this video as one-man-band filmmaker ( filming, interviewing and editing) for BBC Africa.
It's about a former lawyer Lola who came to Beijing to pursue her football dream.

Length: 03'16
My role:  Camera, interviewing, Editing 
Subtitled in English

BBC Inside Out “Stephen Lee”

With a photo of the character, I found him in Guangzhou Expo and did the shooting of Chinese part on my own. It's about the British snooker player Stephen Lee, who came to China to teach young talents and make money after being suspended till 2024 for match fixing in UK..

Length: 03'16
My role: one-man-band shooting


 ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Don't sell me
It's about a Chinese migrant worker who had lung cancer and had to test new drugs for a hospital in Beijing to get free treatment. After the experiment finshed, his wife wanted to sell one of their little girls to save her husband's life. The first reaction of their girls was " Don't sell me", but after a while, both of them agreed, saying " please buy us back when papa is cured."...In six hours after its release, 150,000 yuan was collected online for this family.

Length: Length: 08'00​​​​​
My role: one-man-band ( story, shooting and editing)
Subtitled in Chinese, with more than 110,000 clicks in Chinese websites

 ​​​​Plus-sized models in China
Qiqi and Miya are both overweighted since childhood. They were once among girls who couldn’t see beauty in themselves and could hardly find suitable clothes. Thanks to the booming of e-commerce in China, they found what they can put on, and even better, they become models.

Length: 02'10
My role: one-man-band ( story, shooting and editing)

          To see more video stories of mine, please go to the  page " ​​ docs and news ".